Strategic Recommendations to Facilitate Market Share Growth

Pure Brand Strategy

Leveraging brand strategy to drive all aspects of your business, its product offering and promises made to consumers will help you achieve deeper relevance. It will also tie you to their lives, needs and pocketbooks and inspire your competitors to rethink their position.

In food and beverage anyone with an idea and a dose of personality can acquire funding to get their brand off the ground. They can even land a deal with a key natural channel and leave the founders feeling like hot stuff at Expo West. But long term relevance isn’t a given, and it’s a moving target. The strongest brands connect people, purpose, planet and profit together into a seamless, snackable idea that inspires conversation and loyalty. These brands inspire us, move us, invite us to get involved, to pick up our torch and help light the way. These brands pursue change as an ally, making it part of their core competency. They are relentless in using bold, smart, category changing, evolution, revolution and disruption become and stay relevant.

Over the past 25 years, Retail Voodoo’s leadership has helped more than 300 brands and thousands of executive leaders to codify relevance into their brand’s DNA, and drive both financial growth and cultural relevance. We combine our expertise in brand strategy with your leadership team’s capabilities to build market share, accelerate growth and build your brand’s relevance today, and for years to come.

“Be proud of your work! Great impact on shelf, and the new design change combined with the new recipe has buyers excited (Walmart included!).

- Marjolaine DeClaviere, VP Marketing, Russell Stover

Our Pure Brand Strategy Has 6 Steps:

Audits & Analysis

You need an external ally to conduct a systematic, independent examination of your brand. We look through the lens of competition, your brand’s internal culture and marketplace performance to understand your brand’s current world. We will present a true and fair view of your brand’s competitive reality. It also provides insight to optimize and maintain your brand’s communication to encourage consumer loyalty and evangelism.

Audience Insights

Clearly defining your audience makes all the difference when you’re creating products or marketing initiatives. We use demographics, psychographics and audience segmentation to go beyond understanding who currently buys your products. This helps identify who else should become buyers of your brand in the future.

Research & Insights

These two concepts form the basis of our philosophy to provide a strategic roadmap to move your brand forward. We investigate multiple criteria and establish facts and principles around a specific subject to set the stage for insight (sudden, deep understanding of a complex situation, problem, or behavior).

Trend Analysis

We look at past and current market behavior and dominant patterns of society and sub-cultures to obtain insights on market scenario, consumer preferences, and macroeconomics. We use marketing research, surveys, interviews, observations of consumer behavior, and frequent review of cultural norms to help your brand leverage trends in order to ensure your products perform in the marketplace.

Brand Positioning

The goal of brand positioning is to identify and own a niche for your brand, product, or service within a competitive set so that your brand becomes and remains relevant with employees, retailers, investors and consumers. We help you create a unique impression in your customer’s mind so that their association with your brand is distinct from the rest of the marketplace.

Visual Strategy

This is sometimes called a mood board, but it is not a design solve. Instead, it’s a crystal ball that allows your team to peer into the zeitgeist and discover culturally relevant truths that will have an impact on how to visually express your new brand language.