Using Your Passion Brand To Determine Where To Play And How To Win Without Giving Up Your Soul. Top Content for Founders

No one will deny the fact that founders work long days, weeks and years in their business. However, few founders will work on their business. Brand strategy is the process of working on the business. It results in having the clarity and the confidence to define value in compelling ways that build a brand relevance.

Brand strategy requires introspection to discover and articulate why your products and services are good and different. In a world of increased commoditization, relevant differentiation is the key to brand building success.

1. Your Brand isn’t a Marketing Asset

Many CPG experts misinterpret the concept of brand. By interchanging the words ‘brand’ and ‘branding,’ they blur the meaning of the thing, a strategy-driven business asset, for the activity, the tactical approach of deploying that asset via marketing.

Read this article to learn how to:

  • Use brand strategy to shape internal culture and consumer behavior.
  • Lay a strategic brand foundation to inform all marketing tactics.
  • Identify the difference between a brand steward, a brand architect, and a brand owner.



2. Brand Slam Episode 2 – The Lifecycle of a BFY Brand

Many entrepreneurs today have entered the world of food and beverage with tons of passion and little category expertise. After a bit of momentum, they often find themselves at the intersection of charismatic founder, self-appointed marketing shaman, and operations manager. Using ranking system outlined in David Lemley’s book, Beloved and Dominant Brands, Brand Slam provides an unbiased overview of the brand’s ecosystem to help the entrepreneur drive differentiation and marketplace relevance.

In this episode learn how to:

  • Develop a realistic assessment of the brand’s current strengths and weaknesses, market opportunities and culture.
  • Analyze consumer preferences to build a strategy brand platform.
  • Identify key struggles where founder’s commonly misguide their CPG brand.
  • Impact the brand ecosystem for immediate results and build future brand relevance.



3. Gooder Podcast featuring Junea Rocha

Charisma and an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for food are key ingredients to becoming a unicorn in the world of food and beverage. But its takes time, dedication and humility to become, and stay, a category leader. Junea Rocha, Co-Founder and CMO of Brazi Bites, sat down with Diana Fryc to share the story behind her brand’s spectacular “overnight” success. She identifies the tools she brings with her from her life in Brazil that helped her grow her brand.

In this episode learn how to:

  • Set up a brand for Shark Tank or any once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • Transform obstacles into the fuel that creates opportunity for the brand.
  • See the entrepreneurial journey in food and beverage as a dance.



4. David Podcast: The Why Behind the Buy Podcast

As brands evolve their go-to-market strategies, translating data into meaningful and actionable insight can help brands make informed decisions in the face of adversity and change. In this episode, host Monique Ruiz talks with brand and marketing expert, David Lemley about how data is helping brands to prepare for what comes next .

In this episode learn how to:

  • Use data to adapt brand strategies to survive the current retail and eCommerce environment.
  • Build a foundation for growth based on pivoting the brand’s go-to-market strategy.
  • See what shifts in the way people buy brands during the pandemic that will inform change in the coming years.