Strengthen The Backbone Of Everything You Do For Your Brand Top Content for CMOs

Chief Marketing Officer is one of the toughest corporate roles in business today. It touches every area of the organization and engages with every member of the leadership team to effectively tackle your brand’s challenges. From driving demand generation to building awareness for products, and support sales and HR teams, the CMO is in the hot seat. Because even if you do all of these things well, none of it matters if you don’t have defensible differentiation and sales.

1. Before You Repackage Your Naturals Brand…

Many agencies encourage natural food and beverage brands to take a fast-fashion approach to their branding. In favor of quick, trendy design changes to celebrate new communication plans, they often skip the hard work of strategic differentiation that will give the company longer-term brand relevance.

Read this article to learn how to:

  • Break down consumer research to generate meaningful insight about your brand.
  • Determine where your real product innovation opportunity lies.
  • Use brand strategy to identify and fix underlying strategic problems such as staffing outages, and R&D misses.



2. Seven Things You Should Do Not to Ensure a Successful 2021 for Your Naturals Brand

Most mission-driven food, beverage, and wellness brands sound more alike than not. They appear to be seeking the same audiences, championing the same causes, and following the same ingredient trends as everyone in their competitive set. This is no way to build long-term brand relevance in tough times.

In this white paper you will learn how to:

  • Stretch invest and pivot your brand positioning for maximum brand relevance
  • See the most common roadblocks inside the marketplace of better-for-you brands.
  • Ask better questions to get unexpected insights and opportunities for brand loyalty.



3. Gooder Podcast featuring Darcy Howard

Has this year got you thinking its time to bring your experience from big CPG expertise to the naturals food and beverage category? Founder owners with a  strong vision of the future, and their super-mission-driven-power need marketing experts with compassion, direction, and clarity to guide their brand’s growth. Listen as guest Darcy Howard, Global Director of Marketing at Coconut Bliss, shares how she found the perfect passion brands for her expertise and style.

In this episode learn how to:

  • Coach passion brand owners through seismic brand shift and category maturity.
  • Leverage the brand’s origin story brand to grow a universal appeal.
  • Define brand ethos and create the foundation for long term brand relevance.

Use trends to redefine audiences and leverage passion as a brand opportunity



4. Actionable Marketing Podcast featuring David Lemley

The pandemic is an amplified example of what can happen in the unpredictable world of business. Marketers need a plan to future-proofing their brand to create much higher likelihood of increasing long-term relevance through unforeseen circumstances. In this episode, David Lemley and Ben Sailer discuss strategies for navigating the process of brand differentiation in a downturn.

In this episode learn how to:

  • Helping food and beverage brands gain market share – even in tough times.
  • Present and future branding based upon the promises your business makes.
  • Future-proofing a brand to thrive during unforeseen circumstances.