Build the Bridge Between Business Strategy and Marketing Top Content for CEOs

Your brand strategy connects your marketing efforts to the business strategy. To make brand strategy and marketing work together seamlessly, requires not only buy-in from the highest level of leadership in the organization, but their active participation.

Building a brand is not marketing. While these two activities are closely related, they have different goals. Brand strategy is about articulating the DNA of the organization’s purpose and values that drive what is offered to the marketplace, marketing is the process of communicating that value through various channels.

1. Change is Hard. These Seven Tactics Make it Easier to Manage.

Brand evolution is an opportunity to improve company culture. When initiating or piloting a groundbreaking change in your food and beverage brand, managing other’s expectations is critical. Whether on the brink of change or in the thick of it, successful leaders surround themselves with people who have delivered results in the face of shifting consumers and an unstable retail landscape.

Read this article to learn how to:

  • Navigate a brand change for immediate and long-term results
  • Use brand strategy to drive collaboration, growth, and dedication.
  • Connect marketing initiatives to a brand’s internal culture and greater purpose.



2. Navigating Brand Disruption

Many naturals brands are experiencing disruptions to business as usual. The leadership teams of these food, beverage, and wellness brands are taking the current climate as an opportunity to revisit their company’s brand strategy. This enables the business to better compete in the face of the changed marketplace brought about by the new normal.

Download this white paper to learn how to:

  • Drive brand-driven benefits over ingredients and functional benefits.
  • Identify key friction points to future-proofing the business and retool them for growth.
  • Deliver on brand purpose to become the pacesetter for competing brands in the category.



3. Gooder Podcast with Jane Miller

Listen as guest Jane Miller, CEO of Lily’s Sweets, shares about navigating the difference between running billion-dollar food brands and becoming CEO of a beloved naturals brand.

In this episode you will learn strategies to:

  • Lead and embrace change as your brand’s leadership needs evolve.
  • Manage your own expectations and those of your team members during times of change to prepare for brand growth.
  • Use compassion and empathy to successfully prepare your brand for growth and transition.

Evaluate your experience as an asset to increase your brand’s ability to embrace change.



4. David Podcast: Marketing Upheaval

Big brands like Starbucks, Nike, and REI are masterful at building strong, differentiated, and lasting brands. David Lemley compares these experiences with working the better-for-you food and beverage industry In this episode, Lemley outlines his systematic approach to alignment, stakeholder commitment within the context of the lifecycle of a better-for-you brand.

In this episode you will learn how to:

  • Frame your brand to cultivate an ideology that transcends product.
  • Navigate between short-term opportunistic selling and strategic, brand-building programs.
  • Rewire your pitch decks and buyer meetings when selling-in your brand.
  • See the marketing tactics as the tip of the iceberg in your brand.