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We get it. Life is busy. The world is in flux and you have a lot at stake and more demands for your time than ever. And your business needs effective solutions to ensure your positioning, narrative, and go-to-market strategy are on track with shifting market trends and demands.

To save you time we have curated our most popular insights as viewed by role.

Top Content for CEOs Build the Bridge Between Business Strategy and Marketing

Your brand strategy connects your marketing efforts to the business strategy. To make brand strategy and marketing work together seamlessly requires not only buy-in from the highest level of leadership in the organization, but their active participation.

Building a brand is not marketing. While these two activities are closely related, they have different goals. Brand strategy is about articulating the DNA of the organization’s purpose and values that drive what is offered to the marketplace, marketing is the process of communicating that value through various channels.

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Top Content for CMOs Strengthen the Backbone of Everything You Do for Your Brand

Chief Marketing Officer is one of the toughest corporate roles in business today. It touches every area of the organization and engages with every member of the leadership team to effectively tackle your brand’s challenges. From driving demand generation, building awareness for products and the overall brand, support sales teams, support HR to fuel recruitment, the CMO is in the hot seat. Because even if you do all of these things well, none of it matters if you don’t have defensible differentiation and sales.

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Top Content for Founders We can help you determine where and how to win with your brand without giving up your soul.

No one will deny the fact that founders work long days, weeks and years in their business. However, few founders will work on their business. Brand strategy is the process of working on the business. It results in having the clarity and the confidence to define value in compelling ways that build a brand relevance.

Brand strategy requires introspection to discover and articulate why your products and services are good and different. In a world of increased commoditization, relevant differentiation is the key to brand building success.

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Top Content for Investors Sustained growth. Fast ROI. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Brand strategy is an investment that produces strong ROI.

You need growth and want it quickly. And you are prepared to invest in the right things so long as they generate ROI. But you don’t want to get emotional.

That’s good when it comes to investing in the business. But, avoiding emotional territories is a challenge, because without emotion you cannot connect with humans.

Brand relevancy and category leadership are products of identifying and then mining the emotional territory that a brand brings to the world (by growing a well-defined target customer and providing them something not in abundant supply elsewhere). When you can define what that is for the business you are investing in, the brand will enjoy competitive advantage in its category and command premium pricing.

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Top Content for Marketing Managers Marketing Should Always Follow Brand Strategy

Marketing is expensive. And with limited resources you really need to get it right the first time.

If you don’t, you risk creating a new obstacle – people with the wrong impression about your offering and how it fits into their lives. It is hard and expensive to generate awareness, it’s even harder to get people change perceptions after spending resources embedding the wrong image in their minds. Even though they make no sense, elaborate marketing programs without a higher guiding brand strategy, are ubiquitous. Sequencing matters. Brand strategy requires market insight and creative thinking, while marketing frequently requires implementation of tactics to get the ideas out there.

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