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Will DTC actually change post-COVID retail forever?

“Your brand will need to remain smart (or get smart if you are lagging behind) concerning your ecommerce business unit.”


Will Consumers Punish Big Brands for Taking Small Business Aid?

The Paycheck Protection Program debacle stokes anger at some well-known companies

Key insights:

  • Close to half of consumers think big brands will take a reputation hit for taking SBA loans.
  • By keeping Americans at home, Covid-19 might actually diffuse anger directed at these brands.
  • Brands that took the loans are probably taking blame they don’t fully deserve.

Brand Therapy Podcast: Episode 75. How do food brands survive the pandemic? (ft. David Lemley)

What does it take for a food brand to survive during the pandemic? 🍽 In this episode, food enthusiasts and brand strategists Phil and Lauren discuss the recipe to food brand success with guest Retail Voodoo President David Lemley. A fellow brand strategist, David reflects on his experience with Starbucks, Sur la Table, and more to share branding ideas that set food brands apart in tough times. For anyone in—or passionate about—food or branding, this is the episode for you.


Redesigning the Packaging Playbook

Marketers have done a pretty good job training consumers to recognize visual signals on packaging. Green indicates freshness, white cues purity, hand-rendered typography means a product is “artisan” and so on. But what happens when most consumer packaged goods companies play by the same rules in the packaging playbook? It’s a recipe for uniformity.


Is your nutrition brand a commodity, or is it a category winner? Packaging makes all the difference, an expert says.

Competing in the explosive nutritional supplement category is difficult enough. Without a compelling brand strategy, one that woos customers via your packaging, you’re fighting with both hands tied behind your back.

Powders, tablets, gummies: any product you can make can be made and sold for less by a competing brand or private label. Search “protein powder” on Amazon, and you’ll find 5,000+ results. There’s so much swirl in this space that it’s hard for any individual brand to gain notice.

A “Capital-B” brand can help you compete online and on shelf in the red-hot world of dietary supplements and natural products. And the way you tell your story, within the confines and rules that govern packaging in this category, can elevate you above commodity to “beloved and dominant” status.


Trident Seafoods Launching Alaska Pollock-Based Meat Alternative Brand

Seattle-based Trident Seafoods is planning to launch a new Alaska pollock-based product range aimed at competing with the proliferation of meat-based alternatives such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.


Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: LesserEvil’s Dedication to Sustainability Shows Multiples Paths Forward

Recognizing that the threat of climate change weighs heavily on many consumers and increasingly influences their shopping habits, the consumer packaged goods industry is exploring how it can reduce the use of limited resources, minimize waste and, in some cases, improve the environment.


How “Family Reunion” Star Tia Mowry Took Control Of Her Health, Happiness + Life

For years, actress, author, and producer Tia Mowry suffered from Endometriosis, a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes—a condition that five million women a year struggle from. But when health complications from the disease started to severely impact her everyday life, the 41-year-old “Sister, Sister” star decided to take control of her health. Now, she’s empowering women to do the same with Anser: a supplement packed with clean ingredients, essential vitamins and high-quality nutrients that fuel the body. We chatted with Mowry about how she’s coping with her condition, how her life has changed since she decided to take control of her health, and how she’s now ready for new challenges in both her personal life and her professional one.


Tia Mowry Wants Black Women to Be a Part of the Wellness Conversation

Tia Mowry’s foray into the wellness industry was solidified with the debut of her self-care line called Anser, a collection of multivitamins curated for women, men, mothers, and children. According to Mowry, her ongoing challenge of battling and treating endometriosis, a painful disorder that affects a woman’s uterus, encouraged her to dive deeper into exploring how she could impact the wellness industry on a larger scale.


Episode 72- Branding with David Lemley of Retail Voodoo – The Smallholder Food Business Development Institute Podcast

Branding. Live by it. If your brand ain’t working for you, it ain’t working. Join us as I chat with David Lemley of Retail Voodoo on how to get your brand squared away. And then of course, it is off to the welders with you so you can get one for your cattle! JK, we freeze brand them now.