The Role of Brand Strategy in Innovation

We’ve noticed a blurring of the lines when people speak about innovation. We believe reality exists in language, so when we see a word like “innovation” overused, it becomes empty and meaningless. We’re seeing more and more people afraid and/or confused by innovation. On the one hand, innovation feels like an intangible needle in a haystack. On the other hand, it seems like everywhere you look, brands are claiming the newest, most revolutionary innovation.

But not every new product is innovative. For example, a pumpkin spice flavored product isn’t an innovation, but people mistake it for one. It’s a flavor profile that can be included in a line extension, yes, but in reality, it’s not innovative. Pumpkin spice flavored cookies aren’t going to save your business. However, real innovation radically changes and grows your brand.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • The real definition and purpose of innovation so that you’re not stuck aimlessly making pumpkin spice flavored sausage (yes, that’s a thing, believe it or not).
  • The six main types of innovation to focus on if you’re wanting to channel strong growth for your brand.
  • How to utilize brand strategy to give your brand focus, direction, and drive meaningful innovation.
  • How to thoughtfully resource and plan long-term to sustain radical innovation.
  • The next steps your brand needs to take to break out and achieve powerful innovation.

Once you correctly define innovation, your company can move forward with confidence toward meaningful, REAL innovation that drives growth.

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