Great Sports & Outdoor Brands: A Storied Connection

Great brands live and move at a high rate of speed almost indiscernible to the naked eye. Just as we can’t see individual frames in a movie that move quickly and seamlessly as they tell a story, so it is with powerful brands.

Mass exposure alone doesn’t connect; we tune out what isn’t relevant. Experiences connect consumers to brands. Rich storylines connect. The aspirational, deeply held cultural truisms, and core values connect.

One of today’s hot brands, Burton is a great example. Burton taps into snowboard culture so effectively that the brand has become legendary. The company website is chock full of videos, interviews and insights from some of the best snowboarders in the world. Their insights lead to creating new snowboards, experiences and a special culture. The stories and videos they share connect their customers together in an aspirational global community. It’s not only selling products, but a lifestyle.

The next time you think about what will nurture your brand, perhaps let your fans tell the story, and with that set loose a culture of story tellers to build a culture and fandom around your brand.