Gooder Podcast featuring Beth Corbett

July 6, 2020 | by Diana Fryc

Packaging and Supply Chain Trends and Plans: Start planning now!

Beth Corbett is a brand packaging leader who has merged her background in marketing and sales with her passion for cannabis and CBD products to become a leading packaging consultant to this exploding market.

Beth shares her insights on how COVID-19 and international policies are impacting long and short-term issues related to domestic and global sourcing and environmental packaging innovations. She also shares how new technologies not only make a greener supply chain but can enhance consumer, customer and retailer relations.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How transparent communication and sharing of data can strengthen your relationships with retailers.
  • How just-in-time inventory is being redefined.
  • What new technologies in environmental packaging need to be explored further and championed by major brands.
  • How Augmented Reality can build a bridge with consumers when other marketing tactics cannot be used.
  • Why relationships and planning are worth more than money.

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