Reverse first-ever financial loss
with record sales growth in two years.

Sources: The Seattle Times

REI 360° Brand Strategy + Activation


REI is a Seattle-based co-op which, at age 70, was struggling to connect with younger consumers despite their award winning flagship store. REI had begun to lose its relevance to both the extreme audience and the newbies, and needed to have its brand revitalized and stay true to its heritage.

REI’s communication failed to resonate with employees, suppliers, and customers


Update the REI voice to integrate its outdoor culture with the modern vernacular and lose the marketing-speak. Working closely with REI’s in-house resources, we developed new brand positioning and a new comprehensive visual identity system, unifying all of REI’s brand communications to champion the adventurer in all of us. We set out to design a proprietary retail experience for REI to fully express its rugged, outdoor culture and connect with adventurers from car campers to ice-climbers.

Brand Position:
Get Outside Yourself


  • Record-breaking top-line sales
  • 100% growth in first five years

Scope of Work

Apparel/Gear Marking System

Brand Architecture

Brand Bible

Brand Extensions

Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Branded Environments

Catalog Design

Exterior Trade Dress

Integrated Marketing

Merchandising Strategy

Messaging Framework

Naming & Nomenclature

Packaging System

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We helped REI connect with the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. What’s your brand’s growth challenge?

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“David Lemley and team intensively researched our company and gave us the revitalized brand identity and retail brand design that is really rooted in our outdoor culture. The way this has resonated with our employees and our customers is amazing.”

D. Madsen (retired)


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