20x Growth in First Year

Sources: Teton Waters Ranch

Teton Waters Ranch 360° Brand Strategy


Stuck between being a ranch and becoming a food brand

  • Retailers afraid people wouldn’t pay premium for grass-fed beef
  • Classic start-up struggles: inconsistent messaging, employee morale

Spread the word that grass-fed beef will save the planet


  • No brand was the authority on grass-fed beef
  • The FDA walked away from establishing standards for grass-fed beef
  • Moms were very concerned about the ‘baddies’ in beef
  • Newly trending diets such as paleo would provide huge opportunity
  • People will pay more for clean-label, ethically sourced and sustainable foods


  • Build a network of like-minded ranches around the world
  • Create an education platform (Grass-feducation)
  • Make the origin story of owning a ranch the core of the brand (we didn’t mean to start a ranch)

Go-to-market strategy:
In the beginning there was grass


  • 20x Growth in the First Year

Scope of Work

Audits & Analysis

Audience Insights

Research & Insights

Trend Analysis

Brand Positioning

Visual Strategy

Packaging Design

Branded Ecosystem

Sales Collateral

Photography Guidelines

Brand Bible

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