Reversed 3-Year Sales Decline in 12 Months

Sources: Lindt & Sprüngli Annual Report 2017, Russell Stover

Russell Stover Sugar Free Chocolates 360° Brand Strategy


Sales in Decline

  • Management wanted to make sugar-free a better-for-you platform
  • Created sugar-free chocolate and had major competition for the first time
  • Sugar-free users felt Russell Stover packaging felt like a consolation prize, not a treat

Stop a 3-year sales decline and secure shelf space at important retailers.


  • People with better-for-you mindset eat chocolate as a managed indulgence and don’t want sugar free
  • Sucralose and other ingredients that make sugar-free chocolate taste good have bad reputation
  • Core users of sugar-free chocolate suffer from health conditions such as diabetes


  • Double-down on reputation as an original American chocolate
  • Focus on the key audiences already eating sugar-free chocolates due to dietary restriction and health concerns
  • Reformulate product replacing sucralose with Stevia, a plant-based sugar alternative with no digestive concerns
  • Emphasize small batch and handmade

Go-to-market Strategy:
Everyone deserves chocolate


  • Reversed 3-Year sales decline in 12 Months
  • 33% Growth in 52 weeks

Scope of Work

Audits & Analysis

Audience Insights

Research & Insights

Trend Analysis

Brand Positioning

Visual Strategy

Packaging Design

Branded Ecosystem

Sales Collateral

Photography Guidelines

Brand Bible

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“Great impact on shelf, and the new design change combined with the new recipe has buyers excited (Walmart included!).”

Marjolaine DeClaviere

VP Marketing, Russell Stover

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