10x Growth Anticipated

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Loma Linda 360° Brand Strategy


A Dying Brand

  • Fear of alienating their core (Seventh Day Adventist)
  • First shelf-stable vegetarian brand but not growing
  • Primary retail channel shrunk from 2000+ locations down to 45
  • Younger SDA call Loma Linda a “nostalgic sodium bomb”

Evolve from a one denomination brand into a health food company


  • Canned meat alternatives is not a category in grocery
  • Millennials don’t eat from cans
  • Loma Linda, California is one of the world’s 6 Blue Zones where people live the longest
  • Middle-to-low income consumers do not have vegetarian complete nutrition options available
  • Current loyalists have different expectation that wouldn’t cross over to new audiences
  • 61% Would pay more for a healthier version


  • Ensure there are sustainable sources of protein available everywhere before the food chain breaks
  • Create a platform of shelf-stable, plant-based, clean label complete nutrition
  • Partner with food science kitchen to develop complete heat and serve meal solutions
  • Develop new products for placement in different categories and be considered online by millennials

Go-to-market Strategy:

Plant-based protein since 1890


  • Growth from Single Retail Channel to National Grocery and Club
  • Growth from about $5mm to $30mm
  • 10x Growth Anticipated Growth

Scope of Work

Audits & Analysis

Audience Insights

Research & Insights

Trend Analysis

Brand Positioning

Product Innovation Pipeline

Visual Strategy

Packaging Design

Branded Ecosystem

Sales Collateral

Product Photography Art Direction

Lifestyle Photography Guidelines

Brand Bible


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