Launched at Whole Foods to Rave Reviews Sources: PROBAR

PROBAR P0P Innovation Sprint


  • PROBAR had a new product that was innovative for the marketplace and needed a name and new look for it.
  • Their bars would be shelved in the refrigerated section – away from the rest of their products and needed a new packaging form to help the bars stand up properly in that space.


Launch their line of probiotic protein bars with a radical look while allowing their core consumer to still recognize the brand in a new grocery section.


  • Create a name for the line that highlighted its three innovative qualities. P = Probiotics 0 = 0 Added sugar P = Plant-based protein.
  • Develop a look for the packaging that leveraged their logo in a fresh new way without losing any equity.
  • Prototype and create a new packaging form that allowed the bars to stand tall in the box instead of falling over to prevent losing product information in the refrigerated shelf.


  • Launched in Whole Foods to rave reviews

Scope of Work

  • Research & Insights
  • Naming
  • Visual Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Packaging Form Prototyping

We helped PROBAR launch a new product in the refrigerated section. What’s your brand’s growth challenge?