Leading Brand of Outdoor Gear for Dogs Sources: Ruffwear

Ruffwear 360° Brand Strategy


Ruffwear is carefully crafted, highly engineered technical pet gear at the same caliber as premium outdoor gear for humans. Efforts to minimize shipping and printing costs left the packaging with no room for brand storytelling, including the fact that all of Ruffwear’s hardware is proprietary.

Cost engineering had effectively designed the soul out of the Ruffwear brand


  • Tell the story of how dogs and their human companions grow closer through shared experiences.
  • Focus the packaging on ways to demonstrate the proprietary hardware designs.
  • Allow storytelling to help consumers share how Ruffwear is truly different than all other brands of pet gear.

Brand Position: For Dogs on the Go


  • Ruffwear has created a category of one

Scope of Work

  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Bible
  • Brand Platform
  • Package Engineering
  • Packaging System

We helped Ruffwear  dominate the pet gear category for outdoor adventure lovers. What’s your brand’s growth challenge?


“Retail Voodoo was on my radar for years prior to our rebrand. They made us think, brought clarity to the research process, and revitalized our packaging’s soul. This helped us move with a new level of confidence that resulted in stronger sales.”

- Will Blount, President, Ruffwear