Put a Wrap On It: The Rise of Packaging in Fresh Food

15.01.19 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

Food packaging must-know: Shoppers today are more discerning when making selections about fresh products in their grocery stores. Is your brand keeping up?

Diet Coke’s Rebrand: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

06.02.18 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

The perfect example of a brand attempting to target a certain audience by focusing on exterior appearance and packaging rather than addressing the real issue.

Heathy Food Movements That Will Gain Popularity in 2018

05.12.17 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

Brands are making healthy living more and more accessible. Learn about five healthy food movements we anticipate gaining popularity over the next year.

How and Why You Should Target Generation Z Through Branding

30.11.17 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

Gen Z will own 40% of consumer spending by 2020. Learn how this new generation will impact your brand and what steps you can take to effectively market to them.

How Brands Use Rituals to Meaningfully Engage Their Customers

15.11.17 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

If your target audience lacks engagement or community, ritual can fill that need by answering your customers’ natural desire for routine and belonging.

Brand Strategy is a Short-Term Investment with Long-Term Benefits

03.10.17 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

If brand strategy is an intangible concept, how can we measure ROI on it? Learn how investing in brand strategy is one of the best uses of your money.

Making the Most Out of Your Trade Show Investment

26.09.17 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

While the benefits of participating in trade events are well-documented, trade shows can be an expensive investment. Standing out and delivering a memorable impression on the floor at Expo West,…

From Data to Insight: Measuring the Warmth of a Smile

15.08.17 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

As a brand owner, it’s no secret you’ve been entrusted with your company’s most valuable asset: your brand. Data plays a significant role in your drive to understand your most…

Four Packaging Trends to Look for at Expo East

08.08.17 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

We’ve been on the lookout for the most compelling packaging trends coming up in the food and beverage industries. Just as consumer behaviors constantly change, so do design trends.

Using Values to Differentiate & Define Your Brand

30.05.17 / Retail Voodoo Alumni

Wherever we go (in business and in life) we bring our own ethos along. When brands share their values, they become a powerful and attractive force.

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