How to Translate Brand Strategy Outcomes Into Shelf Science

19.02.19 / Kat Simpson

Understanding how to design your brand’s package to capitalize on three unique shelf-shout opportunities will attract new customers and drive purchase decisions.

The Role of Instagram in Package Design

23.10.18 / Kat Simpson

Learn how to transform your product into Instagram's newest success, shared by consumers near and far. Take your package design beyond the store shelf.

Taking Your Packaged Goods East: How to Achieve Success in the Chinese Market

15.05.18 / Kat Simpson

Western brands should learn from the buying trends that are driving purchase intent for packaged goods in China to succeed in this foreign marketplace.

The “Old” Versus “New” Design Language of Healthy Brands

21.12.17 / Kat Simpson

As consumers change, design language must adapt to speak to their shopping preferences. For a product to scream "healthy" right from the shelf, packaging design elements must communicate in a…


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