Delivering Brand Promises Through Great Packaging

09.07.13 / Diana Fryc

In his latest article, Mr. Lemley challenges marketers to go beyond adequate packaging. To think beyond drowning people with feature and benefits that appeal to the customer’s rational thought process…

All Beauty, No Brains: When Graphic Designers Fail to Understand Packaging Hierarchy

16.04.13 / Diana Fryc

We here at Retail Voodoo are big fans of ProBar. Do you know it? We’ve been buying them for sometime now. You can find them in your local Health Food…

Is Authenticity the Next Dead Brand Pillar?

05.03.13 / Diana Fryc

If a brand has to say that it’s “authentic” you can bet it isn’t. These days, it’s said about so many people and so many things that aren’t authentic, that…

Great Sports & Outdoor Brands: A Storied Connection

21.02.13 / Diana Fryc

Great brands live and move at a high rate of speed almost indiscernible to the naked eye. Just as we can’t see individual frames in a movie that move quickly…

The Cult of Personality of Sports and Outdoor Brands

07.02.13 / Diana Fryc

“Build it and they will come.” That’s what many brand owners think. Producers and retailers hope that cash infusions, quality products or glitzy retail environments, and a marketing campaign are going…

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