Why Purpose Matters

02.01.14 / David Lemley

The average lifespan for a male in the United States is now about 80 years; things are even better if you are female and/or you live in Japan, but much…

6 Things You Must Do to Crack the Badge Brand Code

04.09.13 / David Lemley

Who are we? Who do we want to be? When the vision, passion and values of one-of-a-kind brands inspire us and make us want to make their statement our own…

Ethos: The Value of Values in Brand Building

23.06.13 / David Lemley

Brands, just like people, have values –principles they stand for and hold near and dear to their heart. These principles form the reason brands exist. Brand values influence two important…

Get Leverage: Know Your Brand Archetype

18.06.13 / David Lemley

Archetypal branding works because it appeals to all people. We all share a deep need to feel stability, belonging, discovery and achievement. In today’s world, many brands have taken on…

Elevate Your Brand Through the Strong Use of Symbolism

13.06.13 / David Lemley

What do lululemon, starbucks coffee, harley davidson have in common with the catholic church?

The Brand Credibility Paradox

07.05.13 / David Lemley

Is over emphasis on your hard-core credibility limiting your brand’s influence and growth? I’ve seen it a lot. Brands achieving the level of success they desire by focusing on one…

The Cult Brand Value Equation

17.04.13 / David Lemley

In this webcast Retail Voodoo President, David Lemley will bring his unique perspective (as someone who helped create brand strategies, design language and marketing programs for some of the worlds…

5 Ways Sports & Outdoor Enthusiasts Craft Their Sense of Self with Brand

27.03.13 / David Lemley

When it comes to what people do with their free time, there’s just something different about the way sports and outdoor enthusiasts see the world.

Mine Mythos to Discover Your Brand’s Cultability

11.03.13 / David Lemley

There’s a reason that companies with aspirations of greatness don’t name themselves things like Bob’s Climbing Equipment or Bob’s Auto Parts. Sure, Bob is a great guy, members of the…

The Importance of Vocabulary in Marketing

06.03.13 / David Lemley

People, people, people! If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, it’s important to get our vocabulary straight, as a recent piece in ADWEEK shows. The story details designer…


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