Three Ways to Honor Your Brand’s Heritage While Looking to the Future

22.11.17 / David Lemley

Heritage brands today are losing relevance as newer, more transparent, baggage-less brands capture the modern consumer’s imagination. But purpose never goes out of style, and there are ways to honor…

(Part 1 of 3) Strengthen Your Brand’s Body with this Brand Strategy Checklist

09.11.17 / David Lemley

Find out how our brand strategy checklist can strengthen your brand. All you have to do is answer these 12 questions.

Use Research to Avoid Common Brand Strategy Pitfalls

31.10.17 / David Lemley

Most companies understand the importance of branding but they struggle with implementing all of the components that lead to success.

The Seven Musts of Marketing

14.09.17 / David Lemley

We developed a diagnostic tool around what we believe are “The Seven Musts of Marketing.” This series of seven critical marketing disciplines benchmarks our clients’ brand within their respective category.

We Think Consumers Shouldn’t Be Your Innovators – Here’s Why

06.09.17 / David Lemley

There’s few things as frustrating as having a research- and consumer-validated innovation flop once it hits shelves. You’ve spent a huge chunk of change on surveys and focus groups proving…

Put Your Morals Where Your Mouth Is

30.05.17 / David Lemley

Contribution. There’s a big difference between a cause and a claim. You can make a claim, but you have to live a cause. In part one of this article, I…

Self-Selection, Archetypes, & Symbolism

24.04.17 / David Lemley

Creating a cult brand takes a lot more than clever positioning. After coming out with a bang, then what? Your brand’s reason for being needs to be meaningful and it…

Your Brand Can Overcome Price Resistance and Create Stark-Raving Fans

02.03.17 / David Lemley

Want to have a great brand? Get your own POV and make sure it resonates with your people.

Brand Purpose: The Key to a Cult Following

16.01.17 / David Lemley

It’s no secret that everybody yearns to be a part of something greater than themselves, their loved ones and their work. But it does seem to be a secret to…

What’s Your Language Saying about your Brand?

15.11.16 / David Lemley

Think about the power of words. If I use specific words in a specific way, it builds an image in your mind. It paints a picture. It has meaning. Words…


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