Food Brand Investors: 5 Things to Fix Before You Sell

25.09.18 / David Lemley

Investing in a promising food & beverage business? There is plenty of potential and opportunity to improve the brand's resell value. Learn the top areas to target.

Top 5 Marketing Regrets After Rebranding

18.09.18 / David Lemley

I'm in charge of a rebrand. What next? Learn the most common reasons brand change fails — and how to avoid making those same mistakes for your business.

Food & Wellness Brands, Beware: How Redesigns Go Wrong

05.09.18 / David Lemley

Food, beverage, and wellness brands: Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of bad redesigns. This is smart strategy for your business.

Consumer Research: Ask the Right Questions of the Right People to Yield the Right Insights

28.08.18 / David Lemley

Usage and attitude studies are a cornerstone of information about your food & beverage brand's consumers, but they must be structured to find new insights.

6 Ways Agencies Fail Food & Beverage Brands

22.08.18 / David Lemley

Learn how to identify if your agency failed in its rebranding efforts. Better-for-you and organic products may attract investors, but that doesn't mean growth.

Remaking a Beloved Brand: How to Keep Your Loyalists and Hook New Fans

08.08.18 / David Lemley

Loyal employees and avid fans will speak up if you decide to change their beloved brand. Increase your chance for success by using data to back strategy.

Guiding Growth for a Passion Brand

01.08.18 / David Lemley

Founders are skilled, passionate entrepreneurs. But when it comes to maturing a brand, they need your marketing help. Learn how to navigate this relationship.

Change is Hard. These 7 Tactics Make it Easier to Manage.

10.07.18 / David Lemley

As a leader for a lifestyle or passion brand, learn the top tactics for managing organizational changes to keep your business relevant through market flux.

The KPIs that Matter for Lifestyle Brands

20.06.18 / David Lemley

It’s not only about revenue, profit, same-store sales margin, and ratio of assets to debt. While those numerical KPIs show certain aspects of brand performance, there are other, more important…

Better-for-you Businesses: How to Rebrand the Right Way

13.06.18 / David Lemley

Are you considering a rebrand? Unsure of where to start? A brand strategy firm will help your team tackle some of the biggest obstacles to a successful rebrand: misunderstanding, lack…


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