We are better-for-you brand builders.

Clients have accused us of having dark powers (lovingly, jokingly or whatever). But it purely demonstrates that “Voodoo” is actually methodical, data driven hypnosis that empowers you to grow a beloved and dominant brand.

Our experience has taken us into the farms, factories, test kitchens, and boardrooms of the brands you aspire to be like. Our deep expertise of better-for-you consumers comes from our personal journey and research (we don’t know which came first).

Our success with a broad spectrum of clients from top 10 retailers to top privately-held manufacturers gives us insight into the symbiotic relationship between retail and brand that most independent agencies lack.

We’ve purposefully gathered a team of category experts who believe in business as a force for good. We practice what we preach (except when we don’t). We’re foodies and beer fanatics. We’re marathon runners and punk-rock enthusiasts. We’re parents and friends. We’re change-agents actively living the better-for-you lifestyle.

Our Expertise:

  • Deep understanding of better-for-you consumers

  • CPG (300+ partnerships)

  • 25 Years experience positioning global brands

  • Innovation led repositioning

  • Cross over to omni-channel

David Lemley, Founder & Chief Strategist

David is a man on a mission. A mission to help today’s ideology-driven better-for-you brands decide where to play and how to win. David sets the standard for all research, innovation, brand strategy, brand positioning, and marketing translation for Retail Voodoo.

Based in Seattle, he believes process, data, and what his clients have called “a little west-coast whoop ass” separate Retail Voodoo from other innovation and brand strategy advisory firms.

Read why David believes there is a better, mission-driven approach to becoming a powerful brand.

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Prior to Retail Voodoo

David has led global creative strategy teams at multinational firms and founded Lemley Design Company out of a closet in his one-room apartment.

Past Speaking Engagements

• BevNet Live: Brand Evolution, Brand Revolution
• The National Retail Federation
• The Design Management Institute

Diana Fryc, Partner / Sales & Marketing

A resourceful, insight-driven networker loaded with can-do energy, Diana has 15+ years of in-depth marketing research, copywriting, business development, and client relationship building experience. She believes that business can and should be a force for good, and has seen it first hand with clients ranging from Fortune 50 to better-for-you food brand innovators. She has an uncanny knack for getting to the heart of clients’ needs and is obsessed with bringing the right combination of people and business assets together to move mountains.

Are you a believer in business as a force for good? Do you want to transform brands that change the world?
Let’s do it together.