We believe people are the heart of any business. And they align around values. Our people understand this truth.

Retail Voodoo Exists To Serve You in Pursuit of Becoming a Beloved and Dominant Brand

Sure, we are a group of freakishly talented people, but that isn’t what makes us different. What does? Real experience with hundreds of brands that have leveraged our strategic consulting and creative expression to become category leaders and disrupt markets.

Part of our strength is that we have a beginner’s mind, so we believe anything is possible. And we also bring serious, retail, CPG, and business-building experience to the table. As a result we are very good at pattern recognition, data distillation, and predicting new markets for brand. We know how to get things done in a business-like manner, on-time, on budget (with no drama) and still move the occasional mountain.

Our Leadership


David Lemley helps build brands that better-for-you consumers actively crave with their mind, body, and soul. His insight, visioning diagnostics, research analysis and consensus building has helped many brands, including REI, Starbucks, Sur la Table, and Nike become the beloved & dominant brands they are today.

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A sustainability thought-leader, marketing and networking tour-de-force, Diana is resourceful, insight-driven, and loaded with can-do energy. 15+ Years into her journey, she deeply understands the importance of gaining team alignment, distilling marketing research into actionable insights, and brand-driven copywriting to build and grow brands.

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Retail Voodoo Has Always Stood For More

We’ve always been in business to help brands win their fair share of market, to make rock stars, to change the way consumers feel about brands. But there’s more.

We believe businesses has a social responsibility to develop and market to underrepresented consumers, to develop better, faster, smarter ways to manufacture products and get those products out to market with limited environmental impact. We believe in implementing better business practices that continually challenge us to be better stewards of our employees, our business partners, our clients, and consumers.

We believe in it so much, that we made a commitment to our global community and joined the B Corp family.

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What It's Like to Work With Us

We are a good fit if you need an expert, strategic, business building partner, and not just the cheapest decorator. Sure we make cool stuff, but who doesn’t? We are holistic, quirky, and ferociously committed to helping you build a beloved and dominant brand.

Vaguely Punk Rock

You can get a decent strategy and creative translation from just about anyone, why us? We will help you stand for greatness.

Reliably Kick-Ass

Committed to helping you achieve credible category leadership through a defensible brand position and bespoke brand storytelling.

Perfectly Odd

If you are looking for milk-toast, yes-peeps, we are not they. Instead, We’re, quirky, quiet and balanced by having one foot rooted in the world of business and the other dancing with wild creativity.

Unapologetically Passionate

Once we’ve signed on, we are committed to helping you win. We fearlessly stand with you as true believers in your brand’s mission.

Enigmatically Practical

Clarity rules! You will be able to execute and measure the impact and growth of anything we envision while working together.

Have the Magic?